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We would like to say BIG THANK YOU to everyone who is using our website and following us on our social media channels. Today we would like to thank especially those on Twitter, we have reached 8500 mark and it keeps growing.

Some time ago we thought that 140 characters is simply not enough to deliver information we want, therefore, we never considered Twitter as a serious platform to interact with our audience, but still we decided to give it a go. Now i can admit that we where wrong, Twitter is a great platform and we love that instantaneous delivery of our message and immediate reaction from our audience.

If you are Twitter user and would like to stay up to date with latest vacancies and marine news from our websites simply

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Top 10 Best Job Search Practices

Posted by | 23/01/2016 | General

Hello Everyone,

After receiving numerous emails asking same questions about the best job search practices. We have decided to create top 10 suggestions that works in our opinion.

1. Shortlist companies you want to work for, it helps you to stay organised and focused.

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