Anglo-Eastern, Marine Unity

In Russia, Marine Unity represents the Anglo-Eastern Co which is one of the world’s largest ship management companies.
To support continuous growth and expansion, we invite Marine Specialists to apply for employment on different types of vessels. We offer highly competitive compensation and benefits, stable employment and career advancement.
Target deployment openings are availiable on:
Crude, Product & Chem tnks,
Geared BC,
Capesize BC,
ContCarriers 5000 TEU-18000 TEU
High wages will be granted in accordance with previous experience in rank and license held.
For job inquiries please contact:
Anglo-Eastern representative in Russia Capt. Maxim Kremenetskiy: + 79112792564, e-mail:
Marine Untity staff: Dry fleet pool manager Katerina Zhdanova: +7 964-919-34-90, e-mail:
Wet fleet pool manager Irina Vassilieva: +7-905-4721-999, e-mail:

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