Top 10 Best Job Search Practices

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Hello Everyone,

After receiving numerous emails asking same questions about the best job search practices. We have decided to create top 10 suggestions that works in our opinion.

1. Shortlist companies you want to work for, it helps you to stay organised and focused.

2. Learn more information about companies you are planning to send your resume to, sometimes good research may help you to understand better what is the company all about, or, you may find someone you know who already works for that company.

3. Prepare your cover letter, from our own experience about 80% of resumes we receive does not have any cover letter, about 15% have “template” look a like cover letter and only 5% have tailored their resumes to an actual job vacancy, guess who will attract most attention of the recruiter?

4. Check your resume, don’t make it overcomplicated, in most cases you don’t really need to include your internship experience from 90’s, also as experience that may be not that relevant to a job, for example if 10 years ago you worked as a waiter and now you graduated engineer and have few years of experience in a field, how relevant that waitering experience would be?

5. Social networks, yes, we do occasional check-ups on social networks just to understand better who is the candidate. Sometimes photos from the night out with the friends may looks somewhat fun for you, but may mislead others. Don’t forget to tidy up your timeline on Facebook before you start job search, also there are some additional privacy settings you may want to turn on. Don’t forget, once something is out on the internet it stay’s there.

7. Emails and short introductions, some people trying to be very creative and you not always have to be. When you sending an email out for a job, put in subject line vacancy title and if there is any reference put it there too. In email body write brief introduction about who you are, position you applying to, your availability e.t.c…

8. Being personal, unfortunately we stopped being personal, when was the last time you used someones name instead of “Dear Sir/Madam” try to do your best to find recruiters name as it improves your chances to be seen.

9. Check-ups – Is your resume definitely received? How sure you are that your CV is well received, if you haven’t received any response confirming that your resume is received, don’t hesitate to give a call to the company and check, simple question – ” Have you received my resume” wan’t harm anyone.

10. Follow ups, unless you been told when to expect an answer, don’t be afraid to follow up with the company after a week to check up on the progress.

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